September 13 – 29, 2017

I have been leading an annual tour of Japan since 1980, and this year there are two important events that we began three years ago. We will be traveling via JR (Japan Railroad) on a one week pass and we will be visiting the beautiful Island of Kyushu.

The order of some of the activities is subject to change.

Here are links to Facebook photo albums of pictures taken on Tenri Tour trips:
Wednesday, September 13 Leave around noon from JFK or LaGuardia Airport in New York (or from any another airport), fly over the International Dateline gaining a day.
Thursday, September 14 Arrive at Tokyo's Narita Airport in the afternoon. We will proceed to Tokyo by bus. While in Tokyo, we will stay at the Tohon Dai Kyokai. Shakuhachi lessons can be taken anytime during the tour with Ronnie. While we are in Tokyo, additional Shakuhachi Lessons can be taken with Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin.

Tohon Dai Kyokai phone: 011 81 33625 1171
Friday, September 15
In the morning, we will attend a “welcome to Tohon Church” lunch. In the afternoon, we will attend a 4-hour performance of the grand Kabuki, at the newly remodeled Kabuki-Za theater.
Saturday, September 16 We will visit the famous outdoor “walking mall” of Asakusa and the famous red Gate “Kaminari Mon”. There are many traditional Japanese crafts and foods for sale, as well as “washi” (hand-made rice paper), and interesting traditional clothing stores as well. Later in the day we may visit the area around the Ginza.
Sunday, September 17 On this day we will listen and watch a small part of a traditional Japanese Religious Ceremony with dancing and Japanese instruments. We may also visit the “Edo Museum” , which gives you a great feeling and information concerning what Tokyo was like in the Tokugawa Period. Some members of the group may wish to spend this day investigating a famous “Manga” and “Anime” store, or “Electric City” in Akihabara.
Monday, September 18 We will visit the home of Sadao Chinone (a famous Shakuhachi maker) in Hitachi City (Ibaraki Prefecture) and perhaps purchase some Shakuhachi, have a feast and tour his work/studio and family farm. We'll finish off the day with a soothing bath at a local onsen (hot-springs resort). We will stay at a hotel in Hitachi City.
Tuesday, September 19
Today we begin our one week JR-Pass, traveling from Hitachi City. We first travel to the city of Tenri, Japan and stay at the Tohon Tsumesho for two nights. Mt. Fuji may be seen from the Bullet train on the way!

Tohon Tsumesho (phone: 011-81 743 63-5193).
Wednesday, September 20
On this day we will listen to one Besseki Lecture and afterwards spend the day in Nara, the first capital of Japan, visiting the Nara-koen (a city park with bowing "sacred deer"), the Nara National Museum of Art and Todai-ji (a Buddhist temple and the largest wooden structure in the world containing the largest bronze Buddha - the Dai-Buttsu).

We will also visit the famous Kofuku-ji Buddhist temple.
Thursday, September 21 - Monday, September 25
Leaving early in the day on the Shinkansen (Bullet Train), we will spend today and the next four days on the Island of Kyushu. Here we will see the largest active Volcano in Japan (Mt. Aso), visit the southern tropical city of Miyazaki (famous for its Shinto shrines and other sites.

We will also go to the city of Beppu which is the most famous city in Japan for its hot springs (onsen). We will also visit Kumamoto and Kumamoto Castle.
Thursday, September 21 Travel early in the morning from Tenri to Beppu, which is the most famous place in Japan for hot springs (onsen). We will visit the famous sites and stay overnight.
Friday, September 22 Go to the southern, tropical city of Miyazaki. A couple (Hiromichi and Noemi Kimoto) will be our guides to interesting shrines and other natural sites.
Saturday, September 23 Leaving Miyazaki early in the morning, we will proceed to Kumamoto where we will check into our hotel and perhaps perform a concert with Jeff Cairns and his teacher Tsurugi-Sensei, either on this night or the following evening.
Sunday, September 24
We will spend this whole day in Kumamoto with Jeff Cairns and, among other activities, visit Kumamoto Castle, Musashi's Caves, a traditional potter up in the mountains, and Mt. Aso (the world's largest active Volcano). We will travel around Kumamoto in a rented van driven by Jeff.
Monday, September 25 On this day, the last of our 7-Day JR-Pass, we will take the Bullet Train to Kyoto. Accommodation for our five nights in Kyoto will be at a small hotel near Kyoto Station. While in Kyoto we can also arrange to take as many lessons with Kurahashi Yodo II Sensei as desired.
Tuesday, September 26
Earlier on this day, we will try to visit Hon Daigo, and visit the city of Uji, where the Tea Ceremony was invented. In this city we may visit two Zen Temples where Dogen Zenji bones are interned, and experience an abridged version of the Tea Ceremony. In the evening we will have lessons with Kurahashi Sensei.
Wednesday, September 27
On the morning of this day we will visit Tofukuji Temple complex and the Shakuhachi sub-temple Meian-ji. In the afternoon we will visit the famous Heian shrine and the beautiful gardens behind it. We will also shop for traditional Japanese Arts and Crafts, etc. at the Kyoto Handicraft Center.

In the evening we will visit Soryo Bun Kyokai, and have dinner with Rev. Soichi Takahashi. Then we may join Yu-Otsutome at 6:00PM.
Thursday, September 28
We will visit downtown Kyoto, including stops like Gion Corner (where there are geisha walking around!), Kanazen (the only Shakuhachi store in Western Japan) and Chio-in Temple and/or Yasaka Jinja may also be included. Perhaps a walk of “Philosopher's Path” (Tetsugaku Dori) or a visit to Ginkakuji (Temple of the Silver Pavillion) as well. A small concert or lessons with Kurahashi Sensei in the evening may be possible.
Friday, September 29 We depart from Osaka International Airport or from Itami, the Domestic Airport, arriving back in the USA around noon the same day because of crossing the international dateline.