Mailing Address
Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin
76 Hickory Lane
Narrowsburg, NY 12764
(Individual and small group
lessons available at this location)
(917) 207-6724 (mobile)
(845) 588-2023 (home)


NY Dojo Location
313 East 9th Street, #3E
New York, NY 10003
nyogestu playing in the andes
Nyogetsu playing skakuhachi in the
Andes Mountains of Argentina

Alternative Distance Learning
For the past 37 years Nyogetsu has been very successful at teaching students in 26 states and 6 foreign countries by distance learning. You can study Shakuhachi via the internet by exchanging MP3 files or via Skype. Shakuhachi music is available through Nyogetsu's public FTP site:
If you become a distance-learning student, you can exchange music samples via a dedicated location on this server. Once Nyogetsu signs you up, you will get a the necessary information. For further information please see:
instructions for computer lessons
For details, please contact Nyogetsu at 917-207-6724 or

Jin Nyodo Honkyoku Books

You can also order the Honkyoku music in beautiful notation through the following links:
Online Payment
Payment for lessons, shakuhachis, camps and other purchases can conveniently be done on line using PayPal secure payment service using the link below.